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Automated Events

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Slot Machine:


This Event will spawn a slot machine at /navi prontera 161/174 (south of the fountain) and allow it's players to spend 5x Diamond.pngCrystals for a chance to win a prize from the slot machine. 3 slots are rolled. SUCCESS must be the only thing displayed in order to win. The event lasts for 5 minutes.

Slot Machine Rewards:


Info: Rewards may change at my discretion. C stands for Costume. Costume rewards are exclusive to the Slot Machine & you won't obtain them elsewhere.


Monster Hunter:

The Monster Hunter Event is very simple, but FUN! A broadcast will announce the event. Once the event started, you will have 10 minutes to kill as many monsters as you can. After 10 minutes the two players with the highest number of kills will be announced via broadcast.

Monster Hunter Rewards:

  • 1. Place = 300 Crystals




Cluckers is an event located at the north of Pronteras fountain where the goal is simply to be the person to retrieve the prize from Cluckers, the chicken. To attempt to retrieve the prize, simply click on the Cluckers NPC. If you fail, there is a chance nothing will happen. There is also a chance that you will be nuked or get a status effect like sleep, stun, freeze etc..

Cluckers Reward:

  • 250 Crystals


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