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AmberKnight Minigame

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Meet Mayu and her pet AmberKnight! In order to play with AmberKnight, feed him with 1 amberdiamond.pngAmber Diamond. After you gave Mayu the Diamond you may shake AmberKnight's shell. Try to get to the deepest layer of AmberKnight's shell to get a better item, the deeper you get the rarer the outcome. However, if you land on I, V, 5 or 0, then you'll either get Bloody Branches or another small prize and the game will be over for good.



Current chances for each item:

        case 1:  "a","b","b","c","c","d","d","e","e","f","f","g","h","i"
        case 2:  "i","j","j","k","m","m","l","m","l","n","o","p"
        case 3:  "p","p","q","r","r","s","s","s","t","t","u","v","v"
        case 4:  "v","w","x","y","z","1"
        case 5:  "1","1","5","2","2","2","2","1","1","3","4","5","5"
        case 6:  "5","7","8","6","5","8","8","8","8"
        case 7:  "8","8","8","8","9","0","0","0","0"

A little bit messy but im sure everyone is able to understand the chances.

*rates & items may change at my discretion.


Credits: Jey & Braniff (big thanks to you guys for making this Minigame possible.

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