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Global Item Drops

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This thread is going to cover our global item drops. The items listed below have a fixed drop rate and are not affected by the server rates.

  • Diamond.pngCrystal

Every monster above level 145 has a 10% fixed chance to drop a Crystal. I will be hosting Happy-Hours that will increase the drop rate to 20%. Crystals can be converted into Cash Points inside the Lounge.


  • amberdiamond.pngAmber Diamond

Every monster above level 100 has a 0,03% fixed chance to drop an Amber Diamond. This item can be used to play the Ambernite Minigame. /navi prontera 90/198. For more infos click here


  • ¹øÈ£»óÀÚ01.pngShadow Gear Box

Every monster above level 100 has a 0,5% chance to drop a Shadow Gear Box.


Possible future global drops:

1.) Cash Shop Egg's. Currently having this idea in mind for our completely -free2play- players. Drop chance is going to be low. around 0,01%. Everytime we release a new egg, monsters above level 100 will have a chance of 0,01% to drop the new egg. I was thinking of doing this Event based for 1-3 days after the egg has been released. (this has not been implemented yet)

*drop rates can be changed at my discretion.




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