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New Questboard [Exclusive] & more!

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One of the best features on CianRO!!! The Questboard will help you
all the way up to level 175 and reward you on your journey!

    • Implemented Questboard in all its glory
    • Created duplicates of the Questboard in every town
    • Removed all Bounty Board quests around the world
    • Up to 'White Slim Potion Box 50' for EXP quests.
    • Crystals for Instance quests
    • MVP Token for MVP-Hunting Quests
Final amount of the rewards will be set after the beta
Episode 14.2:
Old Glastheim:
    • Fixed a bug that allowed players to infinitely farm Coagulated Spells.
    • Increased Coagulated Spell drop rate to 25%
    • Increased the enchant cost for Temporal Boots to 10,30,90,270,400
    • Players are now able to enchant slotted Temporal Boots
    • Replaced the 3rd and 4th enchant of Luck to Fatal3/4 (Critical Damge%)
    • Implemented White Knight Card & Khalitzburg Knight Card NPC's
Episode 14.3:
    • Rewrote the script for the instance Temple of Demon God (will need some testing)
    • Rewrote the script for the instance Island of Bios

    • Improved the Renewal ASPD Formula
    • Increased party level range to 25
    • Fixed timers for automated events
    • Added a Preview Headgear NPC to the Style Corner
    (as of now he's only able to preview older headgears for an unknown reason @.@)
    • Added a NPC with Elemental Converters fire/wind/earth/water/holy
    for lazy players and to further boost zenysink.
    • Disabled the Messages "Allow all party Invitations" &
    "Equipment Information not open to the public" after switching maps.


Huge thanks to Jey & Lotta for making the questboard possible!!!!

Beta soon! <3

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