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Player Commands & CianRO NPC's

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In this thread i will go through the @commands & Custom NPC's in the CianRO world.

Player Commands:

@changegm, @commands, @dailies, @go, @hominfo, @homstats, @homtalk, @jailtime, @me, @party, @rates, @showdelay,  @refresh. @time, @noks, @noask, @showexp, @autotrade, @alootid, @aloottype @autoloot, @ii, @mi, @whodrops, @whereis, @duel, @invite, @accept, @reject

*nop, no @storage!



  • Healer: Heals HP+SP / no buffs
  • Warper: Warps you to cities, castles, instances, special areas and dungeons (only to level 1)
  • Job Changer: Changes your job when you reach the level requirement
  • Platinum Skills NPC: self-explanatory
  • WoE Rewarder: After WoE you may gather your rewards at this NPC
  • Costume Kid: Can turn any headgear or garment into a costume
  • Hat Maker: Let's you preview his headgears or craft them
  • Customised Tool Dealer: With grapes, Yellow/Blue/Red Gemstones, Mastela Fruit and more
  • Stylist: Changes clothdye, hairdye and hairstyle at the given price
  • Designer: Changes your bodystyle (3rd Alternative Outfit)... for free!
  • Preview Headgears: Self-explanatory
  • Card Remover: Removes cards from your equipment
  • Daily Reward NPC: play 45 minutes and get your daily reward at this NPC
  • Reset Girl: Resets your stats, skills or both together for a small fee
  • Build Manager: Saves stat + skill builds and lets you load them.
  • Card Trader: Trade useless cards for points.
  • Fallen Angel Wing Enchanter: Enchants or removes the enchants of your FAW's
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